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1. Assessment Accommodation for ELs Project:
a. Using an established lesson plan, create a formal assessment differentiated for each level of ELL proficiency (entering, beginning, developing, expanding, and bridging).
1. Create a formal write-up introducing an overview of the content-level learning tasks and instructional accommodations for each level of English Language Proficiency.
2. Include information about what the assessment would look and be like at each level of English Language Proficiency.
3. Include a rationalization for each assessment and include at least two appropriate accommodations at each level to guarantee success on the assessment.
4. Discuss each accommodation, and identify any potential problems that may arise, and describe a solution to these problems.
5. Include one sample of the assessment, identified for EL proficiency level. Assessments do not have to be long! There are various styles and lengths. They can be formal or informal, but for this project, include an example that would be graded and placed into your gradebook!
6. Include a formal cover page and include a citation for the original lesson plan on your reference page (you will be citing yourself OR the author of the plan).
b. Assignment length: Minimum of 3 pages, exclusive of formal cover page and references page; third person


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