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Week 5 – New Forms of Retailing
In Kotler and Keller Framework of Marketing management book, Chapter 13(Managing Retailing, Wholesaling and Logistics)  discusses trends in retailing today such as new retail forms and combinations. Examples include supermarkets with banks and bookstores featuring coffee shops.
In this assignment you are to “speculate” on potential new retail forms or retail combinations yet undeveloped.
In their selection of a “new” form of retailing or combination of retailers, ask the students to defend their choices using the ideas and concepts presented in this chapter.
For this assignment, write a paper proposing a potential “new” retail form or retail combination yet undeveloped. In your paper support your proposal using research (Internet or other forms) and the ideas and concepts presented in this chapter 13.
Ensure that your paper incorporates the following:
• A minimum two page Microsoft word document (not including cover page, table of contents, etc.)
• Double-spaced lines
• 12-point font size text
APA writing style


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