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Law homework help

Law homework help.

I have attached a Word.doc below as an outline that you may use, if you choose, for the purpose of completing the mid-term exam.  Should you choose not to use the outline that I have provided, you must provide your own version, which is in the same format and structure as the one I have provided.
The mid-term exam is an essay and consists of your ability to write on the topics that we have covered in the text, to date. I have provided the heading for each paragraph and you must provide the narrative and the sub-headings, as applicable.
So far, we have covered chapters 1 through 8 of our text, to include the following topics: ethics, morals, justice, influence, police, discretion, corruption and law. Your exam will consist of a summary for each topic already studied.
Your essay should be written as a college level paper: cover page, professional formatting (e.g., APA style), and should provide the resource(s) used when using quotes or other published work. Your spelling and grammar matters. Your essay should be no less that 1500 words in length, which is very short in comparison to 8 chapters of text.
HINT: Your posts in response to the STUDY QUESTIONS after each chapter is a GREAT RESOURCE for the information you might use to write your essay with.
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Law homework help


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