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Module 1 – Case
Assignment Overview
Signature Assignment: Information Literacy, Emphasized Level
View the following video on information literacy:

(Eastern Gateway CCTS, 2015).
As mentioned previously, there are many influences on employee relations in organizations. One of the most relevant today is the amount of information that is available.
There are numerous sources of information available to us as students, employees, labor union representatives, HRM professionals, and business managers. Before we use information that we have found, however, it is important that we evaluate its authority and appropriateness.
Case Assignment
In this assignment you will be evaluating sources and developing an Annotated Bibliography of your findings.
Review the following articles related to information literacy and others you have found and make a comprehensive list of important factors needed to evaluate sources. (You will need to include this list as an Appendix in your Annotated Bibliography.)
• University of California Berkeley. Critical evaluation of resources. Retrieved from
• Cornell University. How to critically analyze information sources. Retrieved from
• Cornell University. Distinguishing scholarly journals from other periodicals. Retrieved from
• Cornell University. Evaluating web sites: Criteria and tools. Retrieved from
Find three valid sources related to workplace relations from the Trident Online Library and one valid source from the web/internet. Use sources that are outside of module readings that you have not utilized previously in other MSHRM courses. They should be sources “brand new” to you.
List the source citations in APA format under the heading Annotated Bibliography.
Under each source citation, in paragraph form:
• Briefly discuss what the source covers and its importance to the topic of workplace relations.
• Analyze specifically how the factors listed in your Appendix apply to the source (i.e., carefully critique the source using those factors).
Submit your assignment by the module due date.
Assignment Expectations
Demonstrate critical thinking and analysis of reference sources drawing upon your background reading and research.
Information Literacy: Evaluate resources and identify resources that provide reliable, substantiated information.
If you have questions on citation formatting for your Bibliography, visit Trident’s Student Guide to Writing a High-Quality Academic Paper.


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