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Address the following information in each part:
Part 1:  research and analyze The United Way Organization:
Describe the organization by providing relevant background information. (1 page and a half)
Part 2: Select between 4 and 6 of the following organizational communication concepts and discuss them as they relate to United Way
You should identify each concept in a different paragraph/s, explain it briefly, and describe how your chosen organization exemplifies (or fails to exemplify) the concept.
Label each paragraph with the concept chosen so I know that is what you’re talking about.
Bring in specific research for your analysis.
Organizational culture, Human relations, Human resources, Constitutive approaches, Critical and feminist approaches, Technology in the workplace, Socialization, Decision making, Conflict management, Leadership, Organizational change, Diversity, Emotion in the workplace, Globalization.
Part 3: Evaluate how your chosen organization uses these aspects of communication. Does the organization use them well? Could it make improvements? Support your answers with specific material from your research.
Paper must be 5 pages, double-spaced, all parts must be labeled.
Content must have the following:
Does the student provide a clear and developed thesis? Does the student provide concrete details and thorough commentary to illustrate their main points? Are all ideas fleshed out and supported? Are all parts of the assignments guidelines addressed in depth?
Does the student have clear and developed introduction and conclusion? Does the student clearly
state ideas? Are the ideas well organized and logically sequenced? Are transitions provided to flow from idea to idea?
Does the student meet the page requirement? Is the student’s writing clear, concise, and easy to understand? Is word choice and usage appropriate? Is the group’s writing free from grammatical and syntactical errors? report must be included with the paper.NO PLAGIARISM PLEASE.


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