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Love Language Project FINAL PAPER

Love Language Project Part I
To demonstrate the principles of love languages and effective use of interpersonal communication skills through “gifting” a close interpersonal relationship.
Please research the 5 Love Languages. Set a time when you can interview your selected person, at least ½ hour. Choose a quiet, comfortable environment where you will be able to listen effectively. The goal of your interview is to learn how your selected person most likes to receive expressions of affection.
You might begin by sharing the five love languages with them and asking some versions of the following questions:
1. Based on the descriptions in this section and this piece, which of the five love languages is most appealing to you to receive?
2. Can you share a story/example of a time when you received affection this way?
3. Which is the most challenging/uncomfortable love language for you to receive?
4. Can you share a story/example of a time when you received affection this way?
5. What changes do you think you could make in the way you receive affectionate messages in your close relationships?
Please describe the person that you chose to interview and your relationship with them. Then, post their responses to the questions

Love Language Project Part II

Write a personal reflection paper, at least 1.5 pages long, double spaced, typed, include the following:
1. What did you learn about your selected person and their preferred love languages from your interview? What was challenging about the interview? What surprised you?
2. How does their preferred love languages differ from yours? Did this make it difficult to plan your special event?
3. Comment on planning your Love Language Event. How did you come up with your ideas? What was easy and what was challenging?
4. Comment on implementing your Love Language Event. What was enjoyable? What was challenging? Did it go as you’d planned?
5. Comment on the Love Language Project in general. What did you learn? About the other person? About yourself?
6. How might what you learned during this Love Language Project affect your expressions of affection in other relationships?

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