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Economics homework help

Write a two page discussion on any Public Finance issue you select. All the chapters we discussed  are good starting points to select your topic. Make sure to clearly point

  1. What the policy is and what its intended objective is
  2. How it works
  3. Who are the stakeholders (who benefits and who loses from the policy)
  4. As an economist, what your personal opinion is.

Some topic examples are

  1. President Trump Taxation Policy
  2. The Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare)
  3. Income Inequality and Distribution of Income
  4. USUnemployment Benefits
  5. US Monetary Policy and Role of Federal Reserve
  6. Government Budget Deficit
  7. Public Sector Education
  8. Social Security
  9. Government Expenditure Programs for the Poor
  10. The economic impact of Coronavirus and US government response

Submit it on blackboard.


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