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Economists have analyzed that all types of goods and services need not be advertized for the purpose of sales. Producer’s decisions to incur advertisement expenses largely depend on the market or industry concerned. Competitive market producers never go for advertisement expenses, like the sellers and producers of potatoes (Yeshin, 2006). When business firms face high monopolistic or imperfect competitive markets then they resort to high advertisement expenses. Personal care products are consumer goods products and its trading involves cut thought competition. Large number of business firms enter in such trading and the major differences between their products is qualitative in nature. Thus while targeting the young generations between 18 to 35 years in U.S.. the company must select an appropriate advertising strategy. A good slogan or message for advertisement is the one that is simple, clear and short. The slogan should be easy so that most of the buyers in the market of different classes can relate to it. “Every Man is Unique” can be an appropriate message for the personal care products for young men. This is because personal care products like shaving accessories. face wash etc. helps to keep the looks fresh and good (Pure Health, 2011). The viewer ship ratings of a product largely depend on the popularity of the advertisement slogan. …

Demand for personal care products depends on the tastes and preferences of the consumers. For some buyers requirement of personal care products may be an act of necessary consumption. While for others it may be a type of comfort good. While marketing a range of consumer care products for men in U.S., a seller might have several difficulties to attract the consumers. This is because U.S. exhibits different types of cultures in its society. The culture in U.S. is primarily western in nature but still influenced by African, Asian and Latin American cultures. Thus the company must consider different types of culture in U.S. and carry its business activities. There are also many other cultures in U.S. like Polynesian and Native American cultures. The essay tries to analyze different cultures appeal for personal care products, the three cultures considered are African, Asian and Latin American. Africans in America resemble the Black Culture in the society. They are traditional in their thought and firmly follow the heritage and culture of Africa (FROST, 2012). It is empirically found that despite of the global crisis, the industry for toilet soap has remained successful in Africa (FROST, 2012). The Africans create high demand for personal care products. Thus appeal for male personal care products would be high from the Africans in U.S. The demand for male grooming products in Asian countries is rising significantly. Many natives in U.S. are from Asian families. So it can be analyzed that the demand for male grooming products will be good from the Asians living in U.S. Latin American men consider themselves to be good looking.


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