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Thus, no matter how brilliant its managers, even the largest companies won’t last long without a competent workforce at its disposal. In this light, it should be easy to understand why so many employers, managers and HR personnel focus on recruitment and personnel selection. The two often go hand in hand, with Muchinsky (2012) defining personnel selection as the process by which individuals are hired and/or promoted. Selection systems are often used in this regard, and are aimed at assessing knowledge, skills, ability and other characteristics (KSAOs) possessed by applicants. Personality tests are also important. Bangerter et al (2011) notes that, all other factors being equal, the employees most ideal for an organization are those that share its goals and possess a personality type conducive to the environment of that organization. In short, personality tests would have the most utility in pinpointing those employees that possess the above characteristics. While their utility has been downplayed by Brian Amble (2007), not least because most tests have a caveat where applicants can simply fake their answers, it should be self-evident that, in the first place, personality tests are never meant to be used alone in the hiring process. Rather, it is when combined with other methods of selection, such as intelligence testing and interviews, that they become most effective. With what has been discussed so far, the manner in which these tests are intended to be used should be clear. While intelligence tests are meant to provide an accurate prediction of an employee’s ability to carry out his tasks, personality tests pinpoint his disposition as he goes about his duties, and his compatibility with the organization as a whole. Generally speaking, well-roundedness is the way to go here. employees who lack basic job competencies are not likely to be of much use, to the organization, while those extremely skilled at what they do, but are not very good with people, may end up alienating customers they come into direct contact with. This particular paper, then, focuses on the use of personality tests and cognitive ability tests, otherwise known as IQ tests, and the importance of both to an organization’s success. IQ Tests As the term itself implies, an intelligence quotient or IQ test is a standardized test geared towards the assessment of intelligence. Modern tests often have the average score within a given age group set to 100, with standard deviation pegged at 15. Some argue that IQ is, in fact, inherited from one’s parents, but Johnson et al (2009) have yet to conclusively predict how likely this is to be the case. As noted in the preceding sections, the results of such tests have been found to have greater accuracy at predicting job performance as compared to one’s academic performance as a student. IQ is said to be in direct proportion with job performance (Henderson, 2007). Regardless of the particular job or the work involved therein, those with higher IQ are said to be more competent at the tasks assigned to them.


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