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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on PROMOTING EMPLOYMENT AMONG PEOPLE WHO SUFFERED SEVERE MENTAL ILLNESS: A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW. It needs to be at least 9000 words.

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However, there are several which try to move back into the work force but have difficulties in finding the right options for employment because of social stigmas as well as personal beliefs. These complexities lead to situations which need to be reexamined because of the need for employment as well as the several associations which are a part of this. It has been found (Cook, 2006) that employment among those who have had a severe mental illness is also able to assist with an individual overcoming other difficulties. This is inclusive of social integration and also provides stability for one who has faced severe mental illness. However, promoting employment is one which becomes difficult among those who are about to release someone from an institute or that has worked with an individual who has a severe mental illness. The main approach is to use rehabilitation and training programs so individuals have support in the integration back into society and into moving into the necessary alternatives which are available. Examining the main approaches which are used and understanding the complexities of the rehabilitation programs provides a stronger understanding of how the association with promoting employment can assist with higher quality of life and stability among those who have suffered from a mental illness. …

Many who have more severe conditions don’t feel as though there is the capacity to work within a given area because of potential problems which may arise (Stuart, 2006: p. 522). This is followed with problems that are created because of the lack of support of integrating back into society. There is also a lack of understanding about the process which is needed to assist one to moving from the mental illness and back into complete integration into society. The tendency is for an individual to move into social isolation instead of going into an employment position or other area which can be healthy and conducive for the needs of the individual (Smith, Cashwell, 2011: p. 15). Another complexity which arises with the promotion of employment for the mentally ill comes from the mentalities which are surrounding employers, peers and individuals within society. The associations with employment are based first on finding individuals that are competent with a specific position and which ensure that a specific job is performed. However, it is also noted that if one is suffering from mental illness, they shouldn’t be discriminated from a job opportunity because of the situation. The problem which has arisen is based on finding individuals with the correct skills while creating a workforce that is able to express the required diversity and alternatives without marginalization (Stuart, 2006: p. 522). The conflict which continues to arise with mental illness and the employment opportunities which are available are now leading to the need to find alternative solutions and ways to fulfill specific positions.


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