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Governing from centralized and distant federal agencies is frowned upon. This belief places the individual as being responsible for his/her own place in society. The government should only provide each person the ability to obtain what benefits that person needs for himself or herself. This would include their families and any persons or individuals who are not able to care for themselves. Republicans believe in free enterprise and economic growth and that the government should stand behind stimulating a business environment that showcases individual talents. This party works to cut government spending and reduce government waste. Tax increases should be authorized by the people, and the people should have control over their own monies and the government monies. The Republican Party supports a strong national defense and believes that we must have a well-trained and well-equipped military in order to be effective in the world. Since 9/11 it is their belief that America has to be ready to fight terrorism abroad in order to curtail it at home. In education, the Republicans believe that all children regardless of race or economic background should be educated in reading and math. They also believe that the schools should be held accountable by testing in order to justify individual children’s needs. …

The individual is given secondary consideration for their rights both individual and the community as a whole. They believe that it is the direct responsibility of the government to take care of each person even if they have to give up some of their individual rights. In some instances Democrats have fought for federal level interventions that take the power from the local communities, which have eroded local authority. The Democrats believe that the economy is to complex for the average individual. Therefore, government and labor unions should oversee business decisions. Economically the Democrats believe government knows what is best for the individual person. It is their belief that federal officials understand the needs of a community better than local elected officials do, and they should oversee collection of taxes. Basically, the individual is not intelligent enough to understand the complexity of government spending. Democrats have promoted scaling down our military in the last ten years. They believe that our security comes from partnerships and alliances with foreign nations even if they appear connected with terrorist groups. “Asking other nations before we act to protect our security,” is their belief. Educational testing is a burden to teachers and wastes classroom time. Literacy should be left to unions and not PTAs and parent organizations. Democrats also believe that as a superpower in the world it is our right to offer aid and comfort to citizens of other nations. They also believe in open borders, unconditional amnesty, and relaxed laws for foreign nationals. The democrats treat global warming as a serious issue while the Republicans are very skeptical of the issues.


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