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Need an argumentative essay on The primary purpose of NQT. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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As per govt. regulation in UK the teachers undergoing this induction period have some protections and have some relaxations such as curriculum coordination and are not have to provide the exceptional on job behaviour. A relaxation of around 10% is available for grooming the professional skills. But on the other side there are some strict rules for the candidates who fail to go through as they can never have permission to teach again in the state owned school.

I have start my career as a gardener and has to maintain the grounds, football pitches, threes, and flower beds in the school, there I got the opportunity to taught as a part time teacher. The department of design and technology offered me a full time job after some time. There I have show my commitment and adopt this as a career, although my previous experience is in different fields which can be observed from my resume.

This is applicable on my previous experiences and knowledge, I have been got in previous worked areas, may have an inherent value that could maximize an existing experience or future endeavour. Possibly, Hillier is also telling that we have to revisit our prior experiences/knowledge to exemplify we have started our journey by taking the first important step. ‘Maximizing an experience’ is, therefore, a progressive and reflective task that can be used to plan further development.

I’ve got an advice form a young teacher form her observation during my NQT year.

‘I feel that you are using all your experience in your present job and I’m sure that this benefits your students enormously’.

This prompted a journal entry reflecting on prior experiences:

‘just the start I didn’t need, Maybe I’m not starting from zero after all, but it certainly feels like it today. I am, however, going to have to prioritize my time. all those other jobs and interests are going to have to wait. It might help if I knew what I know, perhaps I am maximizing my own experience and not that of my learners, perhaps now I need to think more of my learners experiences and not my own’.

(Extract from Personal Journal entry. September 30, 2008)

Empirical research observing the impact of in induction year showed the huge success of the policy, and it is believed that this process as expedite the progress of new teachers and giving them the opportunity to gain the knowledge and helps to got the skills more quickly then before.

The experience of NQT can be considered to be positive correlation among enjoyment of induction year and whether key elements of induction period.

There is also a thought prevailing that NQTs are unhappy because they are not getting entitlement, however, the reason for this thought prevailing is the lack of proper guidance and support form mentors. It has been complained that induction tutor are not giving enough time and playing their effective role.

In the NQT duration the participation of the candidate toward the pupils and the mentor is monitored and ranked.


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