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Unit 4: Job Application Packet (120 pts) Worth: 120 points (50 Cover Letter, 50 Resume, 20 Memo)Document Type: Microsoft Word (*.doc or *.docx) or Rich Text Format (*.rtf)File Name: Last Name First Name — Unit x — day month year.doc Example: Higgins Jeflre y — Unit 4 — 5 November 201 6. docReadings: See Modules 5, and 26-28 in Business Communication, 6‘“ Edition Instructions For this assignment, you will be demonstrating that you know (1) how to read the rhetoricalsituation of applying for a position, and (2) how to write to that situation by presenting yourselfthrough the standard documents of thejob search: the cover letter and the resume. Thisassignment consists of three parts, as described below. Please write all three documents onseparate pages in the same Word Document, and just save and submit one document. Your first step to this exercise is to find a job to apply for. You do not need to actuallyapply for this job, but you do need to locate a real job or internship that you might bequalified for (either now, or at the end of your studies}. Save the job description so youcan copy and paste it into the memo report that you will submit with this assignment. 1. Cover Letter (50 points) Author: You Audience: A prospective employer Genre: Solicited Letter, Block Format (see page 477 for an example) Information: Write acover letter targeted for the job ad you found, following the formatting discussed in the readingsand notes, meeting the purposes of the document as we have established them (stating theposition you’re applying for, summarizing your qualifications for this position, providing accurate contact information, etc). Format and tone are crucial here:don‘t let poor document design or word choice ruin your chances of interviewing forthisposition. Don’t use a template to build this document. This cover letter is the only chancethat this company or organization will have to hear your voice—to get a sense of yourpersonality. How do you think you should present yourself? This should be no longer than apage (and probably a bit shorter). 2. Resume (50 points) Author: You Audience: A prospective employer Genre: Resume, Chronological or Skill-Based (see pages 453-56 for an example)Information: Now that you know your company and you have presented yourself in a coverletter, put together a great resume—one that presents your skills in the best light. Think aboutall your options: categories (work experience, special skills, etc.), decisions of formatting (activeverbs, heading, bullets, etc.) and create a one-page document that mounts so impressive asummary of your qualifications that you will surely be a candidate for future contact. Consult thethe Business Communication textbook (Module 2?) for advice. DO NOT use the MicrosoftWord resume templates to design your resume; rather, use good document design skills (seetextbook Module 5) to choose the best formatting and presentation for your resume.Remember, your resume is basically a document that sells your skills and work ethic to anemployer—make it the best document you can.


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