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Need an argumentative essay on Race and Sports. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Besides, the evolution of race to racism in sports leads to bias and marginalization, beyond entertainment value. Thesis statement: Within the scenario of sociology of sport, the relationship between race and sports is undergoing rapid change due to the evolution of race to racism (special references to the evolution of race to racism in sports and racism in particular sports). How race has evolved in all sports over the years When the term ‘race’ is superimposed into the context of sports and its evolution over the years, one can identify that race changed to racism. Earlier, racial identity was not a serious problem because physical ability was most important in sports. As the whole world underwent rapid transformation due to the development in science and technology, racial identity became more important. This affected the scenario of sports because racial identity of the immigrants who are participating in sports events became a barrier to their development. Boxill makes clear that “The belief that black athletic ability is inversely proportionate to black intellectual ability has been used to justify slavery, colonialism, and segregation” (300). In sports, the black athletes were forced to undergo bias and marginalization. …

more and more athletes from the lower classes began to dominate the scenario of sports, the dominating race began to consider the same as a challenge upon their racial supremacy. On the other side, the suppressed athletes considered sports as the best available medium to fight against racism and to display their physical supremacy. Within this context, the relationship between race and sports became more complicated. Besides, the dominant race began to show discrimination and hatred towards the suppressed. They were not ready to value the supremacy of the suppressed athletes in sports. This led to a number of problems related to racial difference and eventually transformed into racism in sports. When the athletes from the African nations and the African-Americans began to dominate the scenario of sports, the relationship between race and sports became more complicated. From a different angle of view, the relationship between race and sports is interconnected with colonization, slavery, forced labor and racial supremacy. Hylton makes clear that “It has been documented that sport can be used as a form of resistance or antiracist vehicle for individuals and communities affected by the systematic racism in their daily lives” (115). Besides, racial identity is not an important factor to be successful in sports. But when more and more black athletes became victorious in sports, the racial feeling became more evident. Moreover, racism was an effective tool to devalue the achievement of an athlete. This is totally against the ultimate aim of sports because one’s racial identity does not help one to be successful in sports. B. The evolution of race to racism in sports The origin of racial thought is related to the social class discrimination caused by colonization.


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