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Write a 8 pages paper on training strategies for small and medium business. The SMEs play a significant role in the national economy and in the employees of the society. SMEs account for more than 90 percent of all companies in Europe and more than 70 percent of all private-sector jobs. Micro enterprises represent the biggest share of SMEs, which represent 92 percent of all European companies and 30 percent of the private-sector jobs. It can be seen that the majority of employment opportunities come from these small businesses. They are also the stronghold of the national economy. Thus, it becomes the responsibility of the organization to engage in activities, which will help in the overall growth and development of the enterprises. The influence of internal and external forces is much more pronounced in SMEs compared to bigger companies (Davies & Chun, 2002). These include customer markets, business infrastructure and company characteristics. However, in the case of small companies, the influence of business managers is much more than bigger organizations. Similarly, the distribution of finances, external shareholder categories and investor management are different in small and bigger enterprises (Burns, 2001). Small enterprises work as a much closer environment. Thus, it can be said that the policies and marketing campaigns followed by bigger organization might not work for SMEs brand building The purpose of a research study is to evaluate the training strategies for SMEs. The first objective of the study is to identify the existing gap between the corporate structure of SMEs and the involvement of training activities in it. SMEs have a critical role in any economy. Factors such as technology innovation, job standards and development aspirations of employees have created a gap between expectations from employees and customer and available resources to fulfill them (Conference Board of Canada, 2009). The next objective of the study is to evaluate the relationship between SMEs and training activities. SMEs are basically small budgeted enterprises running on meager profits. Most of the SMEs do not have the luxury of hiring expensive training consultants. Thus, the majority of the training programs, if any are provided by the in-house mangers. Unlike bigger organizations where employees undergo training programs which can stretch for almost a year, most of the SMEs rely on on-the-job training methods. Such huge differences in the training activities in SMEs make it an interesting subject to explore. The study of training activities in the SME sector is very little. This can be contributed to the fact that no proper survey or data collection has been done taking SMEs as a target segment. Also, the SME business is scattered among sectors and industries making it further difficult to gain exact information about their training activities (Carter & Jones-Evans, 2000). The ultimate objective of this study is to identify a few strategies of training, which can be applied to most of the SME companies. This will require ample of primary and secondary research which in turn might open up new avenues on this topic of interest.


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