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Even after Buddhism stopped to be the key religion of India, there was prolonged influence of development of material culture in china. Majority of the Buddhist scriptures and philosophers eliminated the existence with great enthusiasm and anxiety. The believers embraced the existing objects and doctrines as a way of expressing their religious beliefs. Majority of the Chinese in the communities tended to reject the roles which seemed to be indifferent (Morreall, John, and Tamara 32). Buddhism was preferable as it was antithetical to Daoism, which was the main religion in China. The major difference was the fact that Daoism started and inculcated harmony while Buddhism was aimed at mastering the internal world. The Chinese aspect was diverse from the religion of the Central Asian travelers and their religions. Concepts such as monasticism and personal spiritual enlighten directly contradicted the Confucian ethics that governed the family and emperors. The Chinese officials questioned how the monk’s personal attainment benefited the empire at whole. Buddhism has transformed into a system that exists and is advantageous among the Chinese way of life. Hence, the Indian sutras have managed to advocate for the filial piety which makes up the main text of china’s monarchial system (Morreall, John, and Tamara 41)….

The Red River Delta was used as efficient impede due to the successful trade of the Chinese millennium. There were numerous goods and ideas that were brought by the Vietnamese. Buddhism was brought from India, and during most of the periods a lot of people embraced Buddhism and adopted the indigenous religions and world values. As the Red River Delta thrived, the population began to grow southwards towards the narrow coastal regions (Morreall, John, and Tamara 46). The Vietnamese settlers flooded into the untilled lands and turned them into rice plantations. The inability of ruling the Le dynasty or deal with other predicaments resulted to the partitioning of the country by nobility in the sixteenth century. The Chinese constructed roads and harbors where the government derived their revenue through the public works project to facilitate the administration of new territories. Agriculture was enhanced through the advancement of irrigation methods and the use of plough and animals, these innovations had been noticed among the Vietnamese who had practiced in a lower scale. When new lands were initiated for agriculture, majority of the Chinese settlers eventually intermarried with the Vietnamese and together they formed and settled on their homeland. During the first and second centuries, there was the rise of the Han Viet class that conveyed large portions of rice plantations (Morreall, John, and Tamara 51). The Vietnamese had settled in China and adopted their society and languages. The Chinese vocabulary and practical words were used in their new generation and culture. During the second A.


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