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Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Employee Safety, Health, and Welfare.

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Thirty days before the leave, a notice should be given to the employer, or in case of emergency, as soon as possible. Employers can also ask for a medical certificate of the employee, spouse, and son, relative or of whoever has a serious illness that causes the leave. Upon the return of any employee from a leave,

his position, benefits, salary and other conditions should still be the same. ( U.S. Office of Personnel Management)

Accidents can never be avoided and it comes very unexpectedly. That is why the worker’s compensation law was imposed to ensure the medical support that an employee will receive in case of an accident. The worker’s compensation law has several benefits available depending on the different factors such as the graveness of the injury, the ability of the worker in his work, the level of his disability whether it will be permanent or temporarily only, the availability of his job, and the need for health assistance. The compensation is usually calculated as two-thirds of the gross average weekly salary of the employee. (Moorehead)

One type of benefit includes the medical treatment for the job injury or disease which is only available while recuperating and have’nt reached the maximum recovery. For a case of an intense injury or disease, medical benefits may last a lifetime. The employer is resposible for all the medical expenses of the injured employee including the health services, supplies, medicines, and other necessary care without deductible pay from the employee. Temporary weekly benefits willl be granted while the worker is unable to work because of his injury or disease and will end when he returned to work or when the doctor certifies that he has recovered. The compensation will not be paid in the first week of the temporary total disability unless it resulted a disability of more than fourteen days, but the compensation will be paid from the date of disability. (Moorehead)

When an employee has reached his maximum healing but still unable to work, such as when you injure your eyes, back and other body parts that will not function as good as before, permanent partial disability benefits should be granted with the appropriate percentage loss or malfunctioning of the body parts. Limits on compensation depends on the body part that is not functioning well and to the empployee’s weekly compensation rate. This is paid together with the temporary total disability benefits. (Moorehead)

In case of a very severe injury that it is no longer enabling the employee to be engaged in any kinds of work, a permanent total benefit is entitled to him wherein he will be given a five hundred weeks of compensation plus a lifetime medical treatment for his injury. If unluckily, the employee died within two years of disability, or while the total disability continues or within six years after the accident, the relatives of the diseased employee should receive 66.67 percent of his weekly wages for a period of 5five hundred weeks.


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