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Complete 15 page APA formatted essay: The Problem of University Student Debt in the UK.

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Although student debt cuts across all levels of education, the main issue in this report will be dealing with university student debt.

The research paper discusses about the problem of university student debt in UK. It specifically provides an analysis of the current debate on whether the government should or should not pay for all students especially in Higher education.

It shows the current implications of the problem especially effects on the UK’s education system. It will also concentrate on the specific programs and initiatives that the government is undertaking in order to ensure that there is equity among the diverse student population both domestically and international students.

The report has been produced for my lecturer for this module. The actual period taken to produce this is report is two weeks and is approximately (5,139) words long. It has also been presented within the specific formats and styles required by the lecturer and in conformity with the university’s academic writing specifications. The report examines the current situation of student debt in UK and if the government driven initiatives will in future solve the problem of university student debt.

The report is suitable for all th…

t is suitable for all the stakeholders in the education sector, students themselves and the government education officials reviewing the matter at the moment. It will help them understand the implications of the high student debt in their performance, attitudes, future careers etc.

4.0 Methodology/Procedures

Owing to the need to have more facts concerning the current situation of student debt and the debate that has been going on for sometime on whether government should pay for all students or not, an extensive research work was done to gain knowledge and gather information/facts of the problem of university student debt. The effect and the impact on both students and quality of education are the main issues that will be looked into.

To enable the researcher obtain the required information a variety of resources were used for this purpose.

Books- this was one of the important resources that provided information on the history of university student debt in UK and the concerns others have raised on the issue. It also provides government information on their plans for future mitigations. The books were sourced from online book libraries which include. UT electronic libraries, Safari Online Book Centres, EMU, CG1, IPL among others.

Journals- journals provided a good source of information for the statistics on the university student debt and previous studies conducted by other people on the subject. The Journals were obtained online from the following. Washington Journal library available online, Hein, Questia, High-wire journals and School library journals among others

Websites-this provided information on public opinion and relevant need for the studies and the subject.


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