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Chapter 9 Questions


ISBN: 978-0357026595 

Book: BCOM10: Business Communication, Lehman+Dufrene. 


Refer to your textbook for answers, unless the question specifically asks for your own experience or interpretation. Using professional sentence structure and grammar, answer the following questions in a detailed paragraph (more than three sentences). Be sure to answer all parts of each question. (Each question is worth 5 points – 3 points for correctness of the answer and 2 points for professional and grammatically correct writing.)

1. What are the fours steps of problem solving? 

2. Use the four steps listed above to solve this ordinary, everyday problem: What real-life specific product brand and quantity to purchase off of a store shelf when YOU go shopping (pick a product and a store and detail the four steps to determine how YOU would choose the specific product, including the brand, including all the details (data) that factor into picking that product/brand). 

3. How has the process of research changed in recent years? How have the changes been both beneficial and detrimental?

4. What techniques can you use to make the internet research process more efficient?

Write positive and null hypotheses for questions 5-7.

5. A study to determine functional business areas from which chief executive officers advanced in their organizations. Functional areas are legal, financial, accounting, marketing, production, and other.

6. A study to determine whether a person’s career success is related to mentoring experiences.

7. A study to determine the relationship between college students’ gender and their final grades in the business communication course.

8. As administrator of Greater Lewisville Health Services, a family health clinic, you have mailed an informative brochure to each patient that describes the need to receive the influenza vaccine. Although the flu season is approaching, very few patients have come in to receive their injections.

Statement of the Problem:

Research Method and Sources of Information:

Nature of Data to be Gathered and Analyzed:

Hypothesis or Hypotheses to be Proved or Disproved:

9. Karen’s Frozen Foods, Inc., is considering adding frozen breakfast pizza to its product line in an effort to overcome the flat profit line it has experienced for several years. The marketing staff intends to target the product to teenagers and working couples whose busy schedules require foods that can be heated quickly. Because all production facilities are currently operating at full capacity, introducing the frozen pizza will require adding production capacity.

Statement of the Problem:

Research Method and Sources of Information:

Nature of Data to be Gathered and Analyzed:

Hypothesis or Hypotheses to be Proved or Disproved:

10. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement and why: “The information age has brought about a reduction in the quality of life.”


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