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Write a 4 page essay on In general, do you think the end of the shuttle program will have a bigger effect on the organizational commitment of direct NASA employees, or employees of contractors who do work with NASA.

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The use of statistical model approach gives ATK a collective insight of an employee as they have data of the employee’s age, marital status and criticality of his/her role in line with other employees. Criticality of his/her role in line with other employees seems more voluntary to the turnover because issues of experience and specialization are core in one’s field. Factors of age are less important that marital status and/ tenure.

Question 3: Although the use of scientific data to predict turnover seems natural for NASA or ATK employees, might it raise sensitive issues for employees in other companies? If so, why, and what could companies do to manage such issues?

Use of scientific data to predict employees’ turnover comes with other incentives like what needs to be done to retain the current employees and/or increase their productivity? The companies should adapt new motivational strategies like increase of perks and if the strategy fails, they can use the succession planning approach with a more junior person to fill the void.

Case 2:Question 1: If you worked in the Longmeadow plant, how much of your job satisfaction would be derived from Hasbro’s mission and products, and how much of it would depend on your specific job tasks? With an average seniority of 21 years in the job, it shows Hasbro’s mission and products have a more job satisfaction to the employees as most of the jobs are not only brain involving but also a great degree of specialization. This gives employees room for advancement of their careers and also the fact that most employees have not worked for other companies for years, the $40 million reward for the factory capital acts as a move to guarantee workers more job security hence increased job satisfaction. Job security will improve specific job tasks as one can find room for career expansion and/ or further specialization. Question 2: As Hasbro invests $40 million in the Longmeadow plant, what could they do to increase the job satisfaction of people like Peaches Belanger? To increase job satisfaction of certain sections of the plant, outsourcing some of its processes and division of labor will be paramount. This will help the likes of Peaches to have ample time to specialize in one given function which will yield more results than multitasking. Question 3: Consider Rob Daviau’s job, relative to Peaches Belanger’s job. If Daviau has higher job satisfaction, which theories and concepts from the chapter can best explain that satisfaction advantage? From Rob’s tasks, it is evident that there is a room and time for personal career or professional growth as compared to Peache’s job. This is evident in his quest to redesign existing games to broaden his knowledge and at the same time earning the plant more revenue. This will with time improve his specialization in the design section thus more satisfaction as compared to multitasking.


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