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Hi, need to submit a 3250 words essay on the topic Psychology of the Self and the Culture of Social Network Sites.

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The “me” is a consequence of the interaction of individuals with his or her environment. On the other hand, Cooley stated that there exist multiple self for the reason that people change themselves based on whom they interact with (McIntyre, 2006). Yeung and Martin (2003) discussed the three (3) key elements of the looking – glass self theory in which the first component is how an individual visualizes him or her to seem to others, the second part is how a person thinks others’ reaction to that appearance, while the last domain is how an individual alter the self through how others judge him or her. Meanwhile, Nowak, Vallacher, Tesser and Borkowski (2000) proposed that the self is dynamic. Indeed, the self continuously evolves and develop on the basis of the unceasing interaction in the society that adds up to how others would psychologically perceive a person. On the one hand, given the technological advancement, the culture of social network sites has emerged. This has allowed for the individuals to have a representation of themselves in the virtual environment. In this regard, another form of the self is formed. Objective of the Study This study endeavors to contribute to the existing knowledge base on psychology and culture through examining the concept of the self which exists in the fairly new culture of social network sites today. Specifically, this research investigation aims to answer three points. First, it intends to comprehend the concept of the self. Second, it aims to grasp an understanding of the culture of technology, in particular, the culture of digital innovation. Third, it intends to know how the self is represented virtually in different social networking sites. Through looking at this specific topic, it generally targets to psychologically look at and evaluate the self in the digital age. Significance of the Study With the conduct of this research investigation, supplementary knowledge regarding the self within the culture of social network sites is contributed to the field of psychology. To understand the self is very complex given that the self emerges to have multiple facade. The culture of social network sites is fairly new to the generation today. This means that aside from having the self as how the subject sees himself or herself, the self is also seen by others differently in a virtual way. Similarly, in this day and age of technological innovation, there is also another concept of the self, the virtual self. Given this, this paper sees the significant need to answer how the self is influenced by the culture of social network sites. Review of Related Literatures This part of the paper aims to offer a general idea of the literatures concerning the area of psychology of the self and culture of social network sites. In particular, this review of literatures intends to present a cursory outlook at how such available information can help understand and explain the problem of how the self is represented in this day and age of digital age.


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