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we need to create managerial dashboard on excel and also using access 

we wanted to do the group project on “highliner foods”

However if you find any supply chain in nova scotia and create a excel managerial dashboard and access dashboard 

We need a written report on the supply chain that we have selected.

Project guideline Creating Managerial Dashboards 1. Notes (please read carefully): • This is a group project. Make sure all of the members in a group are efficiently and effectively participating in the project. • The same group that are working on assignment will continue working on the project. • Spend your time for this project. It will be an asset when you start your job in future. • You need to (1) submit a written report and related excel and access files, (2) prepare a video presentation, and finally (3) present your project for the class in MS Teams. • Type your project in a Microsoft Word file, and submit your report to related section on Moodle by Dec. 2, 2020. Please ensure proper grammar and spelling is used. • The first page of your solution file must include first name, last name, and the student ID of your team members, and your team number. • Late submissions will not be accepted. • Only one submission per team is required. • Using bullets is preferred rather than long sentences. 2. Project description: [1] Select a supply chain (SC) in NS, and choose one product from the SC. [2] Select/search some datasets related to the selected SC. The more realistic dataset is, the more applicable will be your proposed solution in step [3] and [4]. Submit the dataset at the end. [3] Define 10 decisions in your supply chain including Strategic, Tactical, and Operational levels. You are most welcome to select more. [4] Create a managerial dashboard for managers based on selected decisions in step [3]. Make sure the dashboard helps managers in terms of clarity, graphics, and comprehensiveness. [5] Explain how your dashboard could help managers for the selected decisions. Prove it with some applications and examples from your dataset related to the selected product and SC. [6] Create the dashboard in Excel and Access (two separate files). 3. Items to be included in the presentation: • At least 4 students in each group should have the chance of oral presentation. • Each presentation is planned for 13 minutes following 2 minutes for questions. • The presentation should be smooth and straightforward. The other groups should learn some useful points from presenters. 4. Items to be included in the written report: • Each report should address steps [1] to [5]. • There is no page limit for the report; however, the report can be between 10-15 pages. • A PDF file, as well as a hard copy of the written report, should be submitted up to the last scheduled presentation (Dec 2, 2020) to the instructor. • You should upload your YouTube file by the first day of presentations, using the following name format: “MGSC5800-20-Fall2020-Your Group Number”. 5. Presentation date and time: • Last day of the class (Dec. 2, 2020) is the date for your presentation. • You will present in the sequence of your group number.


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