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1. Using the feedback you received on Part 2, revise Part 2 and mark any additions you make in red text.

2. Copy-paste your revised Parts 1&2 into the beginning of your Part 3 document. Parts 1 and 2 introduce your cultural product and offer interpretations of what it means. In part 3, you will consider what the product suggests about Japanese society.

3. In 400-600 words, what does this cultural product reveal about Japanese society more generally? You can focus on the contents, production, consumption, or interpretation(s) of the product, or perhaps a combination of several of these aspects. Your paper should focus on something about the structure of Japanese society and culture: good examples of topics would be what the story says about gender roles in Japan, or what fans’ reactions suggest about attitudes towards ethnic minorities in Japan, or what American critics’ reactions can tell us

1 If you are unsure whether a source counts as scholarly, contact the instructor for help.

about American stereotypes of Japanese culture. Bad examples of topics include what the cultural product teaches us about Japanese tea ceremony or Japanese architecture, or what the success of a film tells us about effective marketing strategies, or why one anime is so fun and wonderful and popular. If you have questions about your topic for Part 3, please contact the instructor.

4. Use at least one course reading to support your analysis about Japanese society. You are welcome to use ONE additional academic source. Do not use non-academic sources.

**IMPORTANT NOTE**: It is impossible to form a complete picture of Japan from one cultural product (imagine, for example, an analysis of American people based only on Game of Thrones or American Horror Story). Therefore, it is very important that you acknowledge the limitations of your analysis. To avoid overgeneralization and show that you are only looking at a small slice of Japan, use language that highlights your limitations. For example, instead of saying “Gender roles in Japan are___,” use something like “This manga suggests that gender roles in Japan are ___’; and instead of saying “Japanese people do not like ____,” use something like “It appears that the studio thought their consumers would not like ____.”

5. Include full citations for the course readings that you cite and your one optional outside source. Also include your full citations from any sources you used in Parts 1&2. Citations do not count toward the word count.

6. Write the word count at the end of the document.

7. Submit the assignment via GauchoSpace by 11:59PM on Friday 7/17.

8. You will receive full points for the assignment if:

• It was submitted on time, and

• It links your cultural product to Japanese society, and

• It does not make generalizations about Japan (see the IMPORTANT NOTE), and

• It includes support from at least one course reading and no more than one outside reading,


• It is within 400-600 words, and

• It is revised to incorporate feedback from Part 2, and

• No part of it is plagiarized.


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