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Create a 10 page essay paper that discusses Kant, Mill and Socrates (Meno) on deontology and utilitarian scenario.

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More important, the duty is based on doing to others what they would do unto you. From the deontological response, there would not be a response that is violent or which tries to cause harm to anyone in Al Qaeda. The first reason is because it is assumed that there are men, women and children that may be harmed with an attack or violent component to Al Qaeda, which would unnecessarily hurt others. The second is because the terrorists may seek destruction, but the attacks in recent times were not launched, making the attack only one of revenge. This doesn’t follow a moral obligation or right.

The only fair way to act with the deontological morality as the basis is to find Al Qaeda and to take two approaches. The first would be to arrest him and hold trial for the past problems which have arisen. However, to do this, there would need to be consideration from the government where Al Qaeda is hiding. The second would be to find where the individuals are, make sure there are substantial evidence, then try to take the individuals without violent actions so they can be detained and questioned. This particular approach is one that is justified and is morally just according to the approach, specifically because it doesn’t harm others, it holds to human rights and universal truth and it doesn’t create any conflicting duties because it abides by because laws of justice. The one aspect of the deontological morality which can be used to justify the al Qaeda concepts and to take action is based on the ability to act for human rights and universal truth. There is the ability for the government to act within the means of offering a justification and trying to stop the attacks from happening. Since there is information on where the location of al Qaeda is, as well as alternatives that are known about the specific approach, there is also the ability to create a tactic and set of techniques that will stop any further attacks without harming the individuals which are surrounding the area and which may become victim to the attacks unnecessarily. The ideals of Kant with the deontological viewpoint would be opposed from the utilitarianist approach. In this instance, there is the focus on actions promoting the greatest good for the greatest number. In the scenario, the approach would be to attack al Qaeda and to use whatever means necessary to stop them from functioning. Violent outbreaks, the need to attack the space in which they are in and responding in terms of moral rights that are based on clear cut actions would be justified. If it is expected that al Qaeda is expecting to dispatch destruction on various targets worldwide, then the moral thing to do would be to stop them from acting and to ensure that they don’t harm the majority of the nations that would be involved in the attacks. Even though this would mean that some casualties would occur that held a sense of innocence, there would still be the ability to save the greatest number of people by blockading the attacks.


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