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This part of a nerve cell is also known as a Soma. The nucleus is the part in which the Ribonucleic acid and Deoxyribonucleic acid which is tasked with reproduction and growth of the cell. Dendrites are projections which are branched which are used to ensure that electrical stimulations are conducted from other nerve cells. Axons are projections that are left with the task of ensuring that electrical impulses are conducted outside the neuron. Nodes of Ranvier are gaps that occur periodically after the cell body of a neuron that ensure conductions of electrical impulses rapidly are facilitated in the nerve cell. Synapse is the region in the nerve selves which is also charged with ensuring that transmitted chemical or electrical impulses are transmitted away from the nerve cell to another cell. The regions of a nerve cell that hare mentioned above are the key structures in the nerve cell that work simultaneously to ensure that transmission of electrical impulses goes on smoothly in a nerve cell. However, it is important to explore further the role of each part of the nerve cell in order to understand how electrical impulses are transmitted the cell until it exists it. Most scholars have compared a nerve cell with an electrical transmitter in order to understand its functioning. …

This change is in the electrical potential of the sheath of the cell body, which is either positive or negative depending on the stimulus that has resulted in the change in the electrical potential of the cell body. The electrical impulse as a result of the action potential is propagated to the axons at a speed 10s of meters per every second. However the speed at which it is propagate is usually determined by the size of the fibers of the axon. When finally the electrical signal I received by the axon, it is transmitted to cell that are neighboring through a chemical neurotransmitter. Depending on the electrical impulse being transmitted to a neighboring nerve cell, there are various chemical neurotransmitters produced as impulse for the dentrites of the next nerve cell. They are classified into three groups namely Acetylcholine, Amines, and aminbo acids. Amines include, Epinephrine Dopamine Norephinephrine and Serotonin which all have an excitatory function. Amino acids include glycine, glutamate, G-Aminobutiric acid. All these have an Inhibitory function except glutamate ac which has an Inhibitory function. Finally, Acetylcholine is has an excitatory function (Charand). Synapses are important to the function of a nerve cell since they pass signals to other nerve cells that have been targeted individually. The plasma of the synapse which is from the cell passing on electrical impulses is usually in close contact with the plasma of the dendrite from the cell that is receiving electric impulses. How a synapse transmits electric impulses to other nerve cells greatly depends on the type of the synapse. This is so since there are two types of synapses which are chemical synapses and electrical synapses.


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