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I will pay for the following essay Peppercorn Dining Restaurant. The essay is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

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Entry is the initial step in the process of consulting and consists of first contact with a client before the formal contracting process has begun (Anderson 105).Contract is an agreement about the desired outcome for consultation, the work that will be done to accomplish the outcomes, the role each party will be play in completing the work, and the financial and other business terms of consulting relationship (Jones and Brazzel). Before a project begins contracting begins with meetings which are not restricted to one meeting but it is a continuous. The formal contract has two parts one is professional agreement regarding the time span of relationships, payments and consultation process steps. The other part is psychological and is not documented. The description of the situation by the manager of Peppercorn Drew to the consultants is the initial process of entry of consultants in the project. The eventual agreement between the manager Drew and the consultants to do some operational audits is the process of entering the contract between the two parties. There has been a formal process of entry and contracting in the case of Peppercorn dining restaurant. 2. …

data collection: Interviews, surveys, information from focus groups etc., are used for the data collection Data collection: Use of appropriate protocols while using the gathering approach selected. Analysis and interpretation for the data collected: Drawing conclusions and defining the issues and needs to the client based upon data collected. Yes I am satisfied with the quality and quantity of data collected by the consultants of Square One Consulting. The data gathering methods used by the consultants are interviews, data collection from focus groups like managers at the restaurant, representatives from parent dining organization for the university, various student, full time and part time employees and observations. The most important step after data collection is announcing of the project which was done by one of the consultant Erica that the university would be constructing new dining facility and the manager Drew would be head of the new unit. The most important step after data collection is data analysis and interpretation 3. How will you analyze the data collected? How will you make sense of the situation at Peppercorn? The data has been collected through interviews, focus groups and observations. In the phase of data analysis the information is summarized so that they can be useful to make change in Peppercorn dining restaurant. The quantitative data collected are required for number crunching. The qualitative data are analyzed and summarized by the themes. From the data analysis the consultants must be able to picture the situation at Peppercorn Dining Restaurant. The consultants should keep in view of the following aspects during data analysis. They are: Investment required: The cost incurring must be acceptable by the client organization.


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