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Write 20 page essay on the topic The effects of the Fatherless Household on the Adolescent Female.

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There are numerous theories that suggest that indeed being raised in a fatherless family affects not only the female as an adolescent but throughout her adult life. Selection effect and study design are set up especially well to catch the effects of these problems in growing up.

There are many implications, however, that are not explained at this point. When it comes to the evaluation of the effects of being raised in a lone-mother household there are, of course many problems related to the lone-mother household which contribute to these issues, including poverty. However in this paper we have explored the research related to being raised in a fatherless household in relation to the problems identified by those researches.

There are, at this time, many holes in the research, however, for this work the research here has been tied together to give us a clearer view of the problems related to being an adolescent female raised in a fatherless home.

The effects of the fatherless household on the adolescent female will change the life of this female forever. Many times that change is one that will place her in the arms of poverty for the rest of her life. There are those that escape but there are enough that do not that the effect on today’s economic policies are great.

There is a great dependence by the …

There are many deleterious effects of being raised without this father in the household and very few good ones. Most of these effects are related to poor boundaries and poor self-esteem. Adolescent females depend on the father in the household to help them build that self-esteem. therefore this absence leads to early pregnancy, drug abuse, and alcohol abuse. It also, many times, leads to a lower education level and less cognitive brain function. In this paper, we will explore some of the research that has been done in an attempt to understand this problem. We will investigate the general problems and then the more specific.

Literature Review

The issue of being an adolescent female raised in a fatherless home brings with it many problems. Those problems include the inconsistent or lack of development of a male-female relationship while growing up. This relationship when functioning well leads to some of the stability in a females life as she grows older (Krohn, &amp. Bogan 2001).

This lack of relationship especially affects the adolescent females ability and desire to go to school. Adams, Milner &amp. Schrept (2004) added to this principle with their study which says that intellectual competence in general seems to be affected negatively by absence of the father in an adolescent females life.

The inability to manage anger and low self-esteem are problems that are studied by Calamari &amp. Pini (2003). This inability to manage their anger and the lack of self-esteem contribute to the many serious problems that continue throughout the lives of these females. Early pregnancy and substance abuse being two of those.


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