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Write 11 page essay on the topic Rights, Social Justice and Diversity.

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More recently, conflicts arising out of such immigration are something that researchers and pressure groups are getting engaged in.

In this regard, Weiner (1992) advocated the importance of addressing the issues of country hostility, especially through its people, given the fact that migrants contribute to the economic and cultural growth of the nation they immigrate to. As opposed to the International Political Economic Framework, Weiner explains the phenomenon of international migration through a Security-Stability Framework. The latter is more about the national policies that are aimed for the welfare of the migrant population. about social concerns that have a bearing on the internal political and social stability. and therefore in effect is about social inclusion and exclusion in its elucidation on international immigration and its fall out in the world order. The British Government is also of this understanding – migration is no longer an individual decision. rather it is contingent on a host of geo-politico-economic factors. Emigration has complex and far reaching consequences in the economic, political and social base of the host country, and should therefore be viewed in an interactive framework. The United Kingdom is usually considered a much preferred option among emigrants, especially from Asia or the CIS countries (Spencer, 2007).

Migration and its Social Repercussions

Migration does breed resentment among the natives. While the host country and its populace resents the migrant work force, especially those who are ‘skilled’ and come at a lower cost, the immigrants face discrimination in their access to essential services like health, education and employment. Immigrants face discrimination on grounds of culture, religion, gender, age and also colour. Conditions of entry posed intentionally by the host country at times are extremely restrictive, and they whittle down a migrants own (as well as those of his dependants), entry into the social and economic fabric of the country. The discriminatory practices, which so far were contained within the social fabric, suddenly burst open post 9/11. The media have helped highlight a lot of such instances. Most natives, including those in UK believe that migration is not beneficial for their country as it leads to a lower wages and unemployment (Spencer, 2007). Asian communities, who form a large part of the immigrant population in UK, argue otherwise, highlighting their contribution. The health care services in UK would quite literally collapse without the overseas doctors and nurses. and some schools would not remain open (Spencer, 2003).

As a result, policy makers have little option but to accept this incursion into their economy and try navigating policies that not only provide them with a welfare state but also do not damage the native psyche. One of the most advocated ways is to push forth the agenda of Social Inclusion.

This paper discusses the extent of social exclusion with particular reference to United Kingdom.


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